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65th All Breeds Show - Sunday 5th May 2019

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The Show Schedule is Out!

Our show schedule and entry forms have now been released and are available by clicking the following links:

Entries close 5 APR 2019 (by courier or post) or 12 APR 2019 (by email). We recommend entries are emailed or sent by courier (if hardcopy is preferred) to ensure that your entries arrive in time.

If you have any questions or if we can be of any help, please contact the Show Secretary, Jane Webster.

Judge's Profile:
Sandra Dukes ~ NSWCFA ~ Australia

Sandra Dukes

I have been involved in the cat fancy for over 20 years after purchasing my first purebred cats (a Birman neuter and a Turkish Van female) in 1992. I bred and showed Turkish Vans until 2000. In 1998 I decided to stop breeding Turkish Vans and import Norwegian Forest Cats. There were none in Australia at the time and I have been showing and breeding Norwegians for 16 years. I was Treasurer and Show Secretary of the Birman Club for a few years and am now Treasurer for the Longhair Cat Association. I have also been a steward for many years and I'm the editor of the Catching Up journal.

Judge's Profile:
Sofia Cordell–Fuda ~ NSWCFA ~ Australia

Sofia Cordell-Fuda

I have always loved animals, especially cats, my first cat was a present for my 8th birthday, a cream Burmese. My mum and I joined the cat fancy and the Burmese cat club after buying our first show cat in 2007, and very naughty chocolate tortie Burmese. We also starting breeding Burmese around the same time under the prefix 'Misara'. I really enjoyed showing our cats and wanted to be more involved in the cat fancy, and when I thought I was ready and the judging course was offered I jumped at it.

In my day to day life I am a theatre nurse at a major teaching hospital in Sydney. I find this work to be rewarding, challenging and very interesting as you never know what is going to come through the doors. Even though I am very new to the world of judging I hope to get the same fulfillment out of it as I do my job, because you never know what you'll be faced with.

Major Sponsor: Pro Plan

We are pleased to announce that our major sponsor Pro Plan will be supporting our show again. We appreciate the years of sponsorship we have had from Pro Plan and acknowledge that running a show would be difficult without such a reliable sponsor. Thank you, again.

Sponsor: Ethical Agents

Thank you to returning sponsor Ethical Agents, is a New Zealand-owned, family-run specialist veterinary marketing company. Please click on the link (or on their logo on the right of this page) to visit their website.