Palmerston North Cat Club Inc.

65th All Breeds Show - Sunday 5th May 2019

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Sponsor: Bayer

Thank you to Bayer New Zealand Limited who are supplying some of their products to the show in sponsorship. Look out for packs of their flea treatments Advantage and Advocate in the show prizes as well as Profender and Drontal wormers.

Quality Presentations

Rosettes: Quality Presentations

Thank you to Quality Presentations for all the work they do on our rosettes - and their sponsorship. With the range of colours and designs there is no doubt that their work makes our show a more colourful place.

Shirlene Nagy of Stenagys Burmese and Mandalays

Rosettes: Stenagys Burmese & Mandalay and Shirlene Nagy

The club appreciates the support of exhibitors and rosettes sponsors like Shirlene Nagy of Stenagys Burmese and Mandalays - not least because her rosettes are among the prettiest on any display! We know that all exhibitors make an effort to get themselves and their cats to our show but those coming from further afield, as Shirlene does, are putting in an extra effort.


Sponsor: Feliway from Ceva

Thank you to Ceva for providing our show with their product Feliway. Feliway spray is a synthetic copy of the cat's facial marking pheromone and the scent of it offers comfort and reassurance to cats, reducing any stresses associated with show day.

Ranworth Farms

Rosettes: Ranworth Farms

Thank you to Ranworth Farms for sponsoring rosettes this year. Much appreciated!

Wendy McComb & Jayallwnd Siamese

Rosettes: Wendy McComb from Jayallwend Siamese

Thanks to Wendy, Allan, and Joni from Jayallwend Siamese for their rosette sponsorship.

Louise Fenn

Sponsor: Louise Fenn

Thank you from the club to Louise for the prizes she has donated to the show.

Rangi & Miria and their Kiwicoons Main Coon Cats

Rosettes: Rangi & Miria Busby

Thank you to Rangi and Miria for sponsoring rosettes as well as the work they do as our health & safety officer and sponsorship co-ordinator, respectively.

Cahill Animal Hospital

Sponsor: Cahill Animal Hospital

An extra large thank you to Cahill Animal Hospital for their generous sponsorship. Regular sponsors are like old friends.

Pussywillow Boarding Cattery

Sponsor: Pussywillow Boarding Cattery

We appreciate the assistance provided by Wendy McComb of Pussywillow Boarding Cattery in Kawiu Road, Levin, with the purchase of prizes for the show.

Charlous Burmese

Rosettes: James Hanford-Cable from Charlous Burmese

A local Burmese cat breeder, James Hanford-Cable from Charlous Burmese has sponsored rosettes for the show. Thank you James!

Schedule Pic

The Show Schedule is Out!

Our show schedule and entry forms have now been released and are available by clicking the following links:

Show Schedule * Pedigree Entry Form * Domestic Entry Form * Companion Entry Form

Entries close 5 APR 2019 (by courier or post) or 12 APR 2019 (by email). We recommend entries are emailed or sent by courier (if hardcopy is preferred) to ensure that your entries arrive in time. If you have any questions or if we can be of any help, please contact the Show Secretary, Jane Webster.

Christine & Mush Yeung of Cairistona Burmese & My Le Mandalay

Rosettes: Christine & Mush Yeung of Cairistona Burmese & My Le Mandalay

Local breeders of Burmese and cats under the Cairistona prefix and Mandalay cats under the My Le prefix, the club's president and treasurer deserve a big thank you for all the work they put in during the year to keep the club running, and they have additionally sponsored two lots of rosettes for the show.

Sue Ford

Judge's Profile: Sue Ford ~ NZCF ~ Pirongia

I was brought up on a farm north of Feilding, North Island, New Zealand and cats were always part of my family's life. They were in my case, substitutes for dolls. I had a favourite steel blue moggie with the unoriginal name of Bluey. That cat's temperament was fantastic, allowing me to dress him and wheel him about in my dolls' pram. My pony wouldn't fit; so all the cats endured my fussing. He was also the first cat that I showed at the Palmerston North show. It was almost 40 years before I showed a cat again, this time a chocolate Burmese from the Kirheim Cattery of the Bauckes'. I was hooked.

I first joined Mid Island Shorthair cat club at the instigation of Jill Dugan. Later I joined Burmese and more recently Patches and Points. I have held positions of representative, secretary and delegate. I have experimented with the silver gene and ‘different coloured’ Burmese, especially the caramels. We imported our first Stud Burmese from Brisbane, Aurora Kiowa Chief in 2000 and he has helped the Tobormory Cattery in the never-ending quest for the perfect cat. I live with my husband, Rob, on a small lifestyle block about 20 mins drive south west of Hamilton and the cats live in a custom built cattery with all mod cons and enough garden and space to rule our lives.

Judging for me is a really exciting experience with always something to learn. It is a serious job and I hope I maintain a professional attitude.

Emma Kimberley / Emiko

Rosettes: Emma Kimberley

Thank you to our busy committee member Emma Kimberley who has also sponsored black-and-silver rosettes for this year's show.

John Hansson

Judge's Profile: John Hansson ~ GCCF ~ United Kingdom

GCCF Prefix held since 1978, Main Breeds Siamese, Oriental & Cornish Rex, Prefix Pannaduloa. Bred the first GCCF Seal Tortie Point Siamese Grand Champion & Youngest ever Supreme Grand Champion, in 1986 at the age of just over 10 months, who also became the First UK GR PR Siamese Male Neuter 2 years later, Supreme Grand Champion & UK Grand Premier Pannaduloa Blazer.

I became the First Male Official GCCF ALL Breed Judge since the inauguration of Breed Advisory Committees, also Full Independent Judge abroad, judged for many organisations worldwide, these include Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, most of Europe. I am also a guest judge for CFA & have judged for many other organisations including TICA. I am a former Chair of the Joint Rex Breed Advisory Committee (this covers Cornish/Devon Rex/, LaPerm & Selkirk Rex, also the Asian list (which include Burmilla & Bombays) and Singapura BAC’s. These positions were relinquished to avoid any conflict of interest, during my term as Chair of GCCF. I have extensive BAC experience in all capacities, Former member of the GCCF Disciplinary Committee for a number of years. I am also currently the event co-ordinator for the GCCF Supreme Show & a member of our Genetics Committee. I am currently President of the Rex Cat Club also Progressive Ragdoll Cat Club & RagaMuffin Cat Club, Vice President of the Red Point & Tortie Point Siamese Cat Club.

I bred amongst the first Oriental Silver Shaded & Smokes assisting the breeds to attain Championship status. Before I retired I was formerly a Sports Centre Manager & prior to that was the Catering Officer for the Leisure Services. I no longer breed cats though I own a Cornish Rex who was Best Foreign Kitten at our own GCCF Supreme Cat Show last year. I also own a Borzoi & also a rescue Saluki.

Rob White from Robandi Siamese & Oriental

Rosettes: Rob White from Robandi Siamese & Oriental

Long-time supporter of the club Rob White has sponsored rosettes again this year and we appreciate the continued support from Robandi.

Cathy Webb

Judge's Profile: Cathy Webb ~ NZCF ~ Levin

My association with purebred animals began when I was about 4 years old and my parents bought me a golden Cocker Spaniel, although there was always a cat or kitten sleeping on (or in) my bed over the years. It was not until I went flatting that I got my first Japanese Chin dog, and not long after, a lovely silver and white Shih Tzu. I am still actively involved in these breeds however it was when a gorgeous bluepoint Birman came to live with my husband and I that I thought of showing cats although I had been going to dog shows most of my life.

I started breeding and showing Birmans under the DRAGONSONG prefix with some success and later added Exotics and Persians. Although we are no longer breeding, I still maintain an active interest in all the longhaired breeds and enjoy the challenge of showcasing the beautiful cats that are entered under me at shows. I find judging exciting and rewarding as there is always something new to learn and consider as each breed is unique and I try to make it enjoyable for not only the cats, but the exhibitors as well. I have judged cats around New Zealand and also in Australia where I was privileged to judge the speciality Birman Club show in Melbourne.

I am also an International dog judge and have had the privilege of judging in places such as Finland, Ireland, South Africa and of course across Australia and New Zealand. I am the Financial Operations Manager for Massey University, married to my husband Gordon for over 35 years and when time permits, design and make photograph albums and other paper art.

Marie Prendergast of RebelPawz Maine Coons

Rosettes: Marie Prendergast & RebelPawz Maine Coons

Thank you to Marie Prendergast from Rebelpawz Maine Coons for sponsoring rosettes for our 65th annual show. Marie breeds both Maine Coons and polydactyl (extra-toed) Maine Coons.

Jaymlynkatz Norwegian Forest Cats

Rosettes: Jaymlynkatz & Denise Grace

Denise Grace from Jaymlynkatz Norwegian Forest Cats has sponsored rosettes again this year. Norwegian Forest Cats are regular exhibits at our shows.

Orivet Genetic Pet Care

Sponsor: DNA Testing from Orivet

DNA testing is a powerful tool in breeding for health and returning again to sponsor our show is Orivet Genetic Pet Care, our closest DNA testing lab who have provided DNA testing vouchers as prizes.

Chris Lowe

Judge's Profile: Chris Lowe ~ NZCF ~ Te Puke

I fell in love with Persians as a teen and it was not long before I applied for my prefix to breed these beautiful cats. To be closely followed by Exotics. I have enjoyed some wonderful show days with my daughter including Supreme Exhibit at a number of National Shows. I have also bred Siamese & Oriental Shorthairs.

NZCF Role: World Cat Congress Delegate, International Liaison Officer, 2010 Life Membership of NZCF, All Breeds Tutor Judge

Judges Training: Entering the NZCF Judges Training Programme and qualifying as Longhair Judge in 1981 extending my license to All Breeds in 1989. I get a great deal of satisfaction out of continuing to be involved with the Training Programme as an All Breeds Tutor.

International All Breeds Judging: I thoroughly enjoy the judging scene, the forward thinking of exhibitors working with improvement of their chosen breeds and of course the interaction with exhibitors and cat lovers from all walks of life. I have judged in all Australian States, The Netherlands, South Africa, United Kingdom, USA, Thailand & China and will continue to share my knowledge “for the love of cats” with future exhibitors and breeders wherever this passion takes me.

Paws Pet Litter

Sponsor: Paws Pet Litter

A big thank you to kitty litter suppliers Paws Pet Litter who are back with another year's show sponsorship providing litter for prizes (and for those important 'on the day' supplies).

Sandra Dukes

Judge's Profile: Sandra Dukes ~ NSWCFA ~ Australia

I have been involved in the cat fancy for over 20 years after purchasing my first purebred cats (a Birman neuter and a Turkish Van female) in 1992.

I bred and showed Turkish Vans until 2000. In 1998 I decided to stop breeding Turkish Vans and import Norwegian Forest Cats. There were none in Australia at the time and I have been showing and breeding Norwegians for 16 years.

I was Treasurer and Show Secretary of the Birman Club for a few years and am now Treasurer for the Longhair Cat Association. I have also been a steward for many years and I'm the editor of the Catching Up journal.

My Beau Vitamin & Mineral

Sponsor: palaMOUNTAINS

Thank you to another of our returning sponsors. As innovators in the animal supplement industry, palaMOUNTAINS brings you a unique range of oil-based products designed to improve the overall health of your animals. Information about their 'My Beau' supplement can be found by clicking on this link or click on their logo on the left to visit their website.

Sofia Cordell-Fuda

Judge's Profile: Sofia Cordell–Fuda ~ NSWCFA ~ Australia

I have always loved animals, especially cats, my first cat was a present for my 8th birthday, a cream Burmese. My mum and I joined the cat fancy and the Burmese cat club after buying our first show cat in 2007, and very naughty chocolate tortie Burmese. We also starting breeding Burmese around the same time under the prefix 'Misara'. I really enjoyed showing our cats and wanted to be more involved in the cat fancy, and when I thought I was ready and the judging course was offered I jumped at it.

In my day to day life I am a theatre nurse at a major teaching hospital in Sydney. I find this work to be rewarding, challenging and very interesting as you never know what is going to come through the doors. Even though I am very new to the world of judging I hope to get the same fulfilment out of it as I do my job, because you never know what you'll be faced with.

Jane Webster / Historian

Rosettes: Jane Webster

Another year - more lime-and-tango rosettes from Jane Webster and she went on to sponsor a second lot of rosettes to add of heilo-and-silver colours to the display stand for 2019. The colours of the Quality Presentations rosettes can be found here.

Pro Plan

Major Sponsor: Pro Plan

We are pleased to announce that our major sponsor Pro Plan will be supporting our show again. We appreciate the years of sponsorship we have had from Pro Plan and acknowledge that running a show would be difficult without such a reliable sponsor. Thank you, again.

Ethical Agents

Sponsor: Ethical Agents & Sterigene

Thank you to returning sponsor Ethical Agents, is a New Zealand-owned, family-run specialist veterinary marketing company. Please click on the link (or on their logo on the left here) to visit their website. Our show cages are disinfected with Sterigene made by Ethical Agents to assist in reducing the chances of spread of infectious diseases. In addition, we will be using Sterigene for our judge’s tables, and cleaning of hands in between handling exhibits.